Stylish Elopement at Las Vegas Strip – Bellagio Fountains

Elopement at Las Vegas Strip” was the first thing that Diana and CJ said when I asked them where they would like their photos to be taken. “And some fun photos at the casino slots!” Where else but the heart of our bustling desert metropolis? The idea was to get some shots that would complement their Vegas outfits, with a fountain show like from this shoot, but we were in for a surprise. We stayed around the fountain for a while, but there was no show. Later on, we found out that it was paused because some rare bird was swimming at the fountains, and all shows got postponed until the bird was moved to a different location 🙂

Flamingo hotel and casino slots

After Bellagio, we continued taking photos along Las Vegas Boulevard. Our second main location was The Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. It’s the oldest standing casino on the Strip, which opened its doors to the public back in 1946. The casino floor is packed with hundreds of modern and traditional slot games, including popular titles and progressive jackpot machines. From penny slots to high-limit machines, there’s something to suit every style. Diana and CJ love spending time at casinos, and they tested their luck at one of the slots. They won $90, but in one of the photos, I added some extra zeros 🙂 They were very playful so we grabbed a couple of drinks at the bar and took some more amazing photos by the red curtain near by.

What a fun day it was. We got really lucky. It was super windy the day before so we had streets and the fountain for ourselves. It’s amazing how much can be accomplished within 2 hour long photo package. Please check out this blog post from Karissa and Reza’s shoot in which they used ring pops instead traditional wedding bands, or this interesting session from Red Rock canyon.

So what is your favorite location for your elopement at Las Vegas Strip? Reach out through my contact page, and tell me a little bit about yourself and your partner.