So the question is: can I elope in Vegas, marry in a nice Vegas chapel, take fun photos around Downtown Las Vegas, and have dinner all in one day?

The answer is: “Of course, you can!

Downtown Las Vegas, in contrast to the iconic Strip, offers a unique and vibrant experience that captivates visitors with its eclectic charm. Downtown Las Vegas, often referred to as the “Old Vegas” or “Fremont Street,” exudes a distinct character blending the city’s rich history with a modern flair. Unlike the opulent and towering resorts on the Strip, Downtown is known for its retro ambiance, featuring classic neon signs, vintage architecture, and a palpable sense of nostalgia. It’s a place where the past meets the present, creating an atmosphere that is both lively and authentic.

Katy and Oscar flew all the way from Minnesota to savor the Downtown Las Vegas experience. They opted for a two-hour-long photo package for their elopement. As an accomplished photographer, Katy desired images that would mirror her personality—a perfect mix of romantically classic must-have shots and playful photos reflecting their character and relationship.

We met at the Atomic Bar, where we popped a couple of bottles of champagne just to break the ice and capture some action shots. Those turned out amazing. We then walked down to Sure Thing Chapel, the cutest new chapel in town, and took some photos with cacti in front of Ferguson Downtown, and Container Park.


Katy wore high heels, so we decided to take a break at Evel Pie, where we grabbed a pizza and a couple of beers. While eating pizza by the curb, a limo driver that was waiting for his clients offered us to take some photos inside his limo, which we gladly accepted. So, if you are looking for a limo driver, here is Brian’s number.

Somewhere along the way, Katy removed her shoes and walked the rest of the shoot barefoot. She felt so liberated. We finished our photo session at Fremont Experience and Plaza Hotel.

What a night it was!

So if you are looking for a relaxed photo shoot at the amazing Downtown Las Vegas or The Strip send me a message. And if you are having difficulties figuring out what documents you need to get married in Vegas check this blog post.