It’s true what the poem said “Summer is the stuff of dreams, the time of infinite sun.. and just like all things wonderful, enjoy it as it never seem to last long enough”.

To our first born, Lili, we look at you and we still cannot believe that we have you. Everyday, your father and I we always feel grateful for your arrival. We talk about you day and night, night and day… we like doing so many things, but perhaps our most favorite is to play with you. To just be with you.

1 more month till you turn one, Lilica. We cherish every single day that you are growing in front of our eyes.

Time flies by so fast. But when we dream of the days and years coming with you, we are our happiest.

You are you, and we love you so much. Just watching you grow takes us to different places. You are full of wonder and beauty.

Keep growing, my love.

You are lovely. You are beautiful.

You are our little sweetheart.

And we love you so much.

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